About Me

“I’m a writer.”

Yes…”I am a writer.”

It’s taken a long time to say this. I’ve had a huge life outside of and other than my writing, so in describing who I was in the past, it was always something other than “I’m a writer”.

Today I’m a writer.

I’m freelance, so I write what you need me to write.

I write about my experiences and my expertise in many areas – parenting, marriage, being a middle-aged woman, aging gracefully, sex, relationships, friendship, working outside the home, funeral directing, health and finances. My blog posts will give you an idea of what you will get from me.

My style is straight-forward, honest, raw…unbuttoned.

I research the shit out of everything.

I take instruction seriously, and focus on what YOU want in a written piece.

I adore SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and have lost several Facebook Friends because of it.

And although my blog is all about me, as a freelance writer it becomes all about YOU and what you NEED from me as a writer.









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