Don’t Feed The Animals…Er, I mean HOMELESS.

How many of you would give food to someone who knocked on your front door and asked to be fed?

I’m pretty sure almost all of us would.

How about if you seen a hungry homeless mother and her child in a park rummaging through garbage bins?

I’m sure if you had the means, you would most definitely help.

How about if it was a drug addicted, mentally ill man laying in the entranceway of a public building?

A little scarier of a situation, but I’m sure for those who were brave enough, and were moved with compassion, you would probably help.


It seems the lawmakers in many municipalities in the warm state of Florida wouldn’t be so moved to help any of the people above. So much so that they have made it a criminal offence to feed the hungry, homeless people who flock to Florida to at least have a warm climate to weather while living on the street. reported here about an elderly man who was arrested for having compassion and feeding a homeless person. Read about it here.


I’m sure that the very idea of NOT BEING LEGALLY ALLOWED TO FEED THE HUNGRY in the hopes that they will just move along infuriates you as much as it does me.

I’m Canadian, and our homeless problem is no less important than those of Florida, but the day we put people in office who dehumanize homeless people and make it illegal to feed them like they were zoo animals, that is the day I officially do not want to be a citizen of the human race anymore.

What do we, as the voice of humanity, do about this? Well, maybe we can TALK about this so much, and shame those who are making these laws, that it will move our American friends to lobby against these laws.

Maybe we can start a movement calling people to IGNORE the laws and if we convince enough people to feed and cloth the homeless of Florida, that the justice system (which I say ironically) will not have the capabilities or resources to prosecute SO MANY PEOPLE.

My father and mother-in-law winter in Florida. It starts with me. If I am moved to help someone in need while in Florida, I will. Let them arrest me. What a wonderful criminal record to have…I WAS ARRESTED AND FOUND GUILTY OF HAVING COMPASSION AND PUTTING FOOD IN A HUNGRY PERSON’S BELLY. How f*@king ridiculous!

I just happened upon this 45 year old homeless woman’s blog, and it is very eye-opening. Please visit her blog here and read her words.

It all starts with awareness.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Animals…Er, I mean HOMELESS.

    1. Nobody should be living on our streets in North America…unless, of course, they want to. It’s bad enough that fellow citizens are not helping enough, but when our governments MAKE IT ILLEGAL to help, there is something fundamentally wrong. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for reblogging.


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