Me – Auctioneer Extraordinaire?


We moved into our new house in April.  We downsized after we closed our businesses.

I’m still staring at Rubbermaid containers and cardboard boxes full of stuff all over our house. Our garage and shed are full as well.  Our walk-in closet has 6 square inches of foot space due to all the crap in there.

I also have a surplus of items left over from our businesses, from urns to candles. We had a funeral business and a handmade gift store.

I’ve tried giving away a load of stuff throughout the summer, but believe it or not, it didn’t all go. People don’t value things if you do not attach a value to it, I guess.

So I have a problem…too much stuff, not enough space.

What’s a girl to do?


I started an online Facebook Auction page. I love participating in these local online auctions, especially the ones that auction off antiques, but until I can get rid of my stuff, I don’t have the room for more.

My page allows others to hold their own auctions in addition to the ones I will hold.

A friend just asked me what kind of pyramid scheme I was pulling when he seen my auction page on Facebook. What? Scheme? It’s simple…the more people who get involved and hold their auction on my auction page, the more people will bid when I hold my own auctions. Other than that, there is nothing else in it for me.

Are you buried in stuff you don’t need anymore? Are you, by nature, a purger like me?

Why not start your own local auction page? Invite others to hold their own auctions, and hold your own once in a while.

If you would like to take a look at mine to get some ideas, click here. Click on the ABOUT arrow to see the rules and tips I have. You are permitted to copy right from mine to use on yours.

Go ahead…start PURGING!


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