Thoughts of a Canadian Mother – After the Attack

On Being Canadian This Week

This has been a bad week for Canadians.

First we heard of how a vehicle was turned into a weapon when, who we now know was a flagged radicalized Muslim, mowed down two Canadian soldiers, killing one.

Then just yesterday, we learned that another Canadian soldier was shot and killed while standing guard, ceremoniously unarmed, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before the killer,  another flagged radicalized Muslim, entered the Parliament building, shooting indiscriminately, until he himself was shot dead by the Sergeant-at-Arms, Mr. Kevin Michael Vickers, who is now being hailed as a true Canadian hero.

I have read commentary after commentary, most of which reflect the same sentiments – that Canada is bruised, but not beaten; that we will remain the land of the free and the home of the brave; that we all just need to calm down and keep things in perspective, and so on – all of which I mostly agree with…mostly.

I’m not going to mirror those thoughts here.

On Being a Canadian Mother

When my son was born in 1996, I thought “Well, if all the hype is correct about the Mayan Calendar, I should get a good 16 years of being a mother before the world comes to an end.” As you know, the scheduled apocolypse is late for some reason.

Throughout my tenure as mother and stepmother, there have been numerous reasons to be concerned (not necessarily worried) about the future of my children, and their children; global warming, environmental disasters, growing crime rates, drugs, mental illness, texting and driving, MRSA, the economy, our dependance on fossil fuels, over-population, the cost of tuition…well, you get the idea.

There is no doubt about it…since September 11, 2001, our world has changed. We still have all of the same old issues we have always had to deal with, but now…well, now…we have to consider the very real threat that Canadians are going to have to look over our shoulders every time we step out our doors to make sure there isn’t a home-grown Muslim militant hell-bent on carrying out a mandate to execute everyone who isn’t Muslim. That concerns me.

My husband and I both said today that we hope our boys, who are entering adulthood, and our young girl, seriously consider NOT having children. We both believe that the events of the last number of months, especially, have tipped the scales in our minds as parents; that this is not a safe country to raise children anymore. I know… very sad.

Final Thoughts

Of course, we know there are many reasons to believe that the world is still a beautiful place and that humans are fundamentally good, loving and kind. I see examples of that everyday. But our world is changing. It’s naive to say it isn’t going to change our country.

My fear is that our grandchildren will be forced to look and dress as Muslims just to protect themselves in public, or that they will become civilian militants themselves, handing out vigilante justice.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against moderate Muslims…it is a fundamentally  beautiful faith. And these beautiful people will be victims themselves, with their lives at risk, if these far-fetched events do happen. I have a problem with all faiths that practice radical, fanatical doctrine; I have personal experience with fanatical Christians who are taking drastic steps to survive when they will be hunted and persecuted in the future. That’s another blog post.

I’m not looking for a heated debate here; I have a right to express my personal concerns about all of this. I’m not spewing hatred, racism, or anti-Muslim anything. I am responding, as a mother, to the events that have just happened in my home, Canada.

I would like to know what your thoughts are as a mother…or a father? Am I being paranoid? Jumping the gun, so to speak? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Canadian Mother – After the Attack

  1. Although i agree with your post i cant help to feel that this so called war on terror is to hyped up. When you take a look at the United States and Canada more people have been killed by gun violence domestic violence and drunk driving than all the terrorists attack combined. So why do we fear muslims extremists on a world wide scale. The answers to this is the media, the media reports these terrible acts that kill innocent people and fills people with fear yet we have become so immune to the real terror that had nothing to do with terrorism at all. You are more likely to be killed by a drunk driver that a muslim extremist in this country yet we do not fight a war on drunk driving we allow this to go on and the penalties are weak. But if u put the terrorist flag on something we have no issue with sending troups or figther jets to bomb these people.

    I made this statement and i think its pretty accurate. If we change what we do they win if we change who we are they win. If we live in fear they win. I say do what you have always done do not change who you are and do not live in fear by doing this we win and always will

    Thanks for your blog its awesome an thanks for allowing feedback

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  2. Kelly, I agree with you. I too have wondered what sort of world my grand children and great grandchildren will face. It makes me sad as well as worried. Thank you for writing this.

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  3. I absolutely agree with Chris. But I also understand your feelings, as a mom. You’re right, the next 50 years are going to bring some incredibly hard moments to us all. But I choose to trust that there are MORE among us that will work for justice and peace, than there are those who seek to destroy.

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  4. As a father of two daughters, while I can appreciate your concerns, i do not share them. I think our society is safe and getting safer (crime stats bear this out). I think hate-inspired terrorism has always been (and will always be) a threat, but we must be moderate in our response, so as not to consume us or give terrorists undue influence over how we conduct ourselves.

    We have real problems as a society that actually are getting worse – climate change, the institutions of democracy. I really hope we don’t continue down the post 9/11 terrorism rabbit hole by enacting tougher laws, drawing resources and giving up our personal liberties. This is, indeed, the only way that the terrorists truly win.

    If you get a chance, Elizabeth May (leader of the green party) made a wonderful, non partisan statement while in lockdown that serves as great guidance

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