Do you have teenagers in your life?

Do they make you crazy, too?

My son just turned 18 in August, the legal drinking age in Alberta, where we live. He also just got his Driver’s Licence.

Yup. He’s now an adult. An adult who is in his last year of high-school. An adult who lives rent free in our basement. An adult who is in the long process of making payments to eventually own our family car, a Chrysler 300. An adult who’s insurance and registration are still in our names. An adult who works part time at a nearby furniture store, but who’s mother still does his laundry.

He’s been bombarded with a lot of changes this year, with all this “adultness”. Poor guy!

I believe he thinks because his birth certificate…excuse me, I mean driver’s licence, now says he’s an adult, that he automatically BECOMES an adult…with all the autonomy REAL adults are afforded.


I got a call from one of his teachers last week that he missed a few classes. Of course, it wasn’t his fault. He had details out the ying yang to support that argument. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him “one more chance”.

I suspected that he was taking his driving privileges a little too lightly…to the point where he believed driving was a right he could exercise at anytime…even during class time. The text I got from him just a few minutes ago confirms this suspicion.

Him: “I’m not gunna make it to gym. Cuz damn women wanted to go to Timmies [a big Canadian coffee/doughnut chain] and we are still waiting.”

“I didnt’ want to skate anyway.” [they have hockey at gym this semester]

Me: “What women?”

Him: “[Jane] and her damn friend.” [Jane {changed her name to protect her identity}is his girlfriend who goes to another high school]

Me: “You still have 20 minutes.”

Him: “I have 10 to drive them back to [her school] then drive to school and make the bus. I’ll try but there’s no promises.”

Me: “I don’t care if you don’t want to go skating. It’s still skipping class.”

Him: “Not mah fault. [Jane] says sorry.”

Me: “Twice this week!”

“Tell her that decision you made to be late is going to have repercussions.”

Him: “Ok”

“Driving now. Bye.”

Me: “You can hand over your keys to Gramma tomorrow after school until class on Tuesday.” [It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so no school for them on Friday & Monday, and my husband and I are going away this weekend. Gramma will be home.]

Him: “U serious?”

Me: “Yup.”

Him: “First time wasn’t even because I was late.”

Me: “We’ll talk about it later.”

Sound like responsible REAL adult behaviour to you?  I didn’t think so.

My son is a GREAT kid. He’s never gotten into any significant trouble. He’s very polite and respectable. Doesn’t get offended when he’s asked to do something menial. However, he’s seems to have it in his head that because he is legally an adult, he will automatically be treated like one.

My son…WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!  That’s not a statement about you…but ME! I’m still the one with the power while you are occupying space in my basement and driving my car (only $4000 left to pay on it).

Hand over those keys, buddy!


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