Well, Hello…again.


I’m not new to blogging. I did it a few years ago, over at another blogging website. I even managed to convince 100+ followers that they should read the mindless, uninteresting, conservative fluff about my life I threw out there every week or so. I know! Nuts, hey?

I gave it up, though; got bored with my own content.

I’ll be 46 this year.  2013/14 was a turning-point in my life…my time of enlightenment. Not in a religious way, but in the way of finally opening my frigging eyes to the way things really are in my life.


Being a user of Facebook since 2007, it didn’t take me too long to realize that this was the best forum to convince all your lifelong friends, family, and aquaintances that you got your life all pulled together – that you are dileriously happy with your sexy, successful spouse, your honour-roll student kids, your tastefully decorated home, and your tonnes of loyal friends – with the exception of those who spend their days telling friends and strangers alike of their daily, unbearable hardships – seemingly, to me – looking for handouts, or at least, sympathy.

Don’t get me wrong; my life is pretty good. I got the hot husband (in my eyes, anyway), great kids (who are NOT perfect), a decent house (which I kinda resent, because this year we had to downsize from our “really nice house”), and a steady income (providing financial security – for the next month, anyway). But, I’ve gotten good – along with most other Facebook users – with “elevating” how my life appears to be by posting nothing but positive, uplifting, rose-coloured statuses about my exceptional husband, perfect children, enviable plans about our business and travel, and the occasional “selfie” (that took numerous retakes and unkind self-scrutiny before posting).

I’m getting sick of that game, though. Although I will be linking my blog to Facebook, exposing my true self to my hundreds of “friends”, I know, deep down, that very few will actually read said blog, minimizing the risk of blowing up the over-inflated, self-important image of my life and family which took me years to create.


So, that being said, welcome to my NEW blog. It’s me…unfettered. My life…liberated. Expect to experience the stripped-down, straigh-off-the-cuff, no bullshit, musings and rantings about me, my family, my life, my surroundings, current events, and anything that tickles my fancy.

If honest, raw, and uncensored content is offensive to your sensibilities…do NOT follow me. If you’re looking for sweet, sugary, and feel-good safe content, you’re quite welcome to go find my other blog (which is still up, but inactive).


4 thoughts on “Well, Hello…again.

  1. So excited to watch it all unfold! So glad you’re blogging again. I understand the needed break away but love that you, too, have come back to it!


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